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We strive for excellence while delivering efficient, reliable and affordable services to our customers. We will work throughout the entire process, whether your project is large or small. Experience direct assistance and clear communication unmatched by other flooring companies.

Hardwood Flooring​

With hardwood flooring, you have a myriad of options. We can help you decide, based on your personal style and long term needs. Whether you choose solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, wide plank or narrow plank, we're here to help from start to finish. We can source and supply materials for your project, or, if you have materials on hand, we can perform the installation.

Tile Installation​

From backsplashes to bathrooms, kitchen floors to modern fireplaces, V2 Flooring provides the highest quality tile installations in Middle Tennessee. Tile is a great choice for many areas in your home as it provides durability and the ability to provide a one-of-a-kind design. Sit back and watch our technicians create seamless masterpieces.​

Carpet Flooring​

Carpet can provide not only warmth to a home, but also functionality and sound reduction. Carpet is also able to act as an insulator for your home during Middle Tennessee's colder months.To find the best carpet option for your home, contact us and we can help you decide between fiber options. V2 Flooring sets the standard for fast and quality carpet installation.​

Laminate Flooring​

Do you want the appealing aesthetic of wood flooring, without all the continued maintenance and care? Laminate flooring can be a great value and help you get the most out of your budget. With recent technology, laminate products now create an even more beautiful room enhancement, while still avoiding all the cost and management of hardwood flooring.​

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) &
LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)

Are you looking for the look of tile or wood, with unmatched durability? Both LVT and LVP floors are waterproof, making them an ideal flooring choice for any room in your house, especially kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. LVT and LVP floors are also designed to withstand moisture, heavy foot traffic, and plenty of scratches and spills.

Commercial Flooring​

Key factors when choosing commercial flooring include: the ability to withstand high foot traffic, easy maintenance, and visual appeal. Sometimes it can be tricky choosing the option that fits best for your space, given the variety of flooring options and materials. V2 Flooring is not only here for installation, we are happy to help you make the best choice for your commercial install and supply the highest quality materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, V2 Flooring is licensed and insured in the state of Tennessee. We can provide you
with supporting documents upon request.

V2 Flooring offers a 2-year warranty on floor installation and workmanship. Other
competitors only cover one year or less.
Our customers have the option to get the flooring products directly from us or they can get it on their own. Most of our flooring products come with a factory-direct limited warranty. These guarantees will cover manufacturer defects and typically last for up to 10 years. Please remember that these warranties will rarely cover regular wear and tear.

Once our customer reaches out for an estimate, we will set up a home appointment at their earlier convenience. During the home appointment owner and flooring expert will gather all necessary information for the project including budget, customer goals and expectations. During the appointment, we will also provide information regarding materials options, installation process, timeline and will answer all questions that arise. Customers should expect a personalized and budget conscious estimate/quote whiting 24 hours. Our flooring project estimates include installation cost, material cost if applicable and timeline.

This will depend on different factors such as type of flooring being installed, size of the
project, flooring products delivery dates, subfloor repair if needed and flooring acclamation if needed. Most flooring projects are completed in 1-3 business days and largest projects are typically done within a week. Our flooring expert will answer all your question during the home appointment and a timeline for you project will be included in the estimation process.

This will depend on different factors such as type of flooring being installed, size of the
While you might already have some idea about what kind of floor you want to have installed, consulting with our flooring expert during the home appointment will give you some added insight into what kind of floor is best for you and your home.

Possibly. There are many factors to consider while making this decision. It’s crucial to follow manufacturer’s recommendation before placing any floors on top of another. Our flooring expert will assets the job and give you the best option to ensure quality and longevity for your flooring project.

After the home appointment, you will receive a personalized and budget conscious estimate/quote whiting 24 hours. If you decide to move forward with the project, your first payment will be due upon acceptance of estimate. We require a 25% down payment to start the project. If customer is getting materials on their own, we would schedule the installation once the flooring material has been delivered at the project location. If customer is getting flooring material from V2 Flooring, we will order material as soon as down payment is successfully received. We will inform customer of delivery dates and floor installation will be scheduled same or next day after delivery. If project requires demolition of existing floors this would be scheduled in synchrony with the material delivery dates to minimize the time of the project. If customer is doing a refinishing job, we will schedule the job after down payment is successfully received. The remaining balance is due upon job completion at customer satisfaction.

This is completely up to you! If you are not going to be present, please provide instruction on how to access the property beforehand.

New floor installation often requires moving furniture around. During the at home
appointment our flooring expert will discuss with you if there is need to move furniture or any other items out of the room and you will give instruction if any action needs to be taken from your part. For example, furniture should be empty before installer move them.

We would dispose all the trash generated from the floor installation including the existing floors demolition. Our installers will clean up all the superficial mess after the job is completed. However, installation/refinishing floors will create some dust. We will do our best to keep it to the minimal but is recommended that customer hires a professional cleaner after the job is completed. V2 Flooring also offers professional cleaning services at additional cost. During the home appointment, our flooring expert would ask customers if they want this service included in their estimate.

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